I am leaving the .Net ecosystem.

I got into with one intention. To be an easy target for large companies and easily marketable employee. .Net is everywhere, I means absolutely everywhere. It is a great solution for large infrastructure and that is the very reason I despise it. It's big and its clunky despite all modern attempts with core to reduce setup.

More importantly, Im learning more about what kind of work I thrive in and want to perform in my career. I dont want to build large servers that uphold entire Saas platforms. I want to experiment with light weight solutions that are easily perceived and used in conjunction with other solutions. I dont want to be the .NET/microsoft stack guy, I want to be the solutions guy. These .Net roles rarely involve anything outside of the MS realm of things and its not a good look.

Im finding my niche in what we call today corporate incubators. Taking solutions that we can roll with quickly like django/laravel/symfony/Express and building out rapid prototypes that can get the job done. I guess its considered the more experimental side of development. All I know is anything beats the kind of slave labor required to just keep an oversized product running.

I know most of us help maintain and im not undermining that kind of work but FUCK its definitely not for me.

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    You are talking about Express, but there is LESS .Net code needed for API server with .Net 6 than with Express.

    Anyway, good luck ! I'm shifting a bit from c# to q# (well, trying too, a lot of thing to learn again)
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    @NoToJavaScript I believe you that there’s less code at least that the developer has to be concerned with but a lot more understanding is needed to decipher .net. I feel like it’s the reason most .net jobs are advertised as “senior .net engineer” with “7-10 years .net experience”. People get deeply niched into the ecosystem much like with Java but Java at least doesn’t try an upsel you MS services for a more seamless experience. Also I’ve never heard of q# I’ll check it out
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    .net core is a lot of fun I think, I miss so many of its features now that I'm working with node.
    But yes, it tends to be used for big projects so if you don't enjoy those you won't like it.
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    @ars1 it’s not so much that I don’t enjoy building big projects as much as it is that one rarely builds the big projects. Nine times out of 10 these monstrosities are in need of maintenance and very little implementation. I’m really enjoying the python side of things now and node coupled with typescript
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