1. Still dying.

2. Withdrew my application for some job saying "the environment seems unproductive". I'm proud of me. I've never withdrew an application whenever I was unemployed so this is a first. This time it wasn't them telling me I'm not "the right fit" and I kinda feel like I should do this more often but like what if I could survive the hostile environment and earn something instead of literally continuing looking for jobs and this is giving me anxiety and I'm rambling but I can't stop oh my god what have I done... 🤧

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    You did the right thing IMO. If the workplace seems unproductive to the point that it makes you withdraw your application it's probably far worse than you're able to see.
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    Good on ya, next up get a chance to reject *them* with "I don't think this is gonna be a good fit".
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    Anxiety will pass, but sh**ty work environmet is rather unlikely to change(definitely not over-night).
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    @NoMaD I'm proud of you.
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    Up high. I did the same thing this week.
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