I was reluctant to try out flutter earlier on because of claims online stating that hybrid frameworks aren't there yet. That's one hell of a crap!
I fell in love with flutter after completing my first flutter app. Shit was just too easy. So many helpful libraries which has eased my overall workload lately.
We built a Native Android app which took 2months+ to complete and I just finished porting it to flutter for iOS and Android in 3 weeks. Boss was happy, Client was happy, I am freaking joyous, everybody is happy!

From the mouth of a Native Android Dev with over 5yr of exp. This shit called flutter is worthy of all the hype. I fucking kid you not!

I don't know about the past... I assume it was shitty then cus I also blasted it based on git issues but now it seems even more faster to build production worthy apps than anything I've encountered.

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    Certainly seems more pleasant than Android programming. What's Flutter Desktop like these days? Can you copy text yet?
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    @synemeup still exploring the mobile not on desktop yet.
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    @GiddyNaya i tried it sometime ago , but could not fully understand how its lifecycle and state stuff worked. would you mind sharing some quick info to get me excited 😅?
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    @devjesus Man... No exaggeration.
    Everything on there is apt and so on point.
    I can't say for iOS Devs but If you're a former Native Android Dev moving to this shit... You'd be riding on unicorn.

    Lifecycle is handled just like on Android but this time using shits called widgets but this shit is cool though.

    The most interesting part is data-binding. You know how complicated that thing is on Native Android code. On here, because everything works as a widget (As an Android Dev I see widgets as pretty much layout views which can also act as listeners), you can initialise/update a variable anywhere... Reference the variable from your view... Call setState()... Viola! Changes applied... No stupid need for annotations.

    See what I designed in less than 30 minutes as an amateur... I never had to worry about my fucking data cus it's automatically handled anyway.
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    @GiddyNaya yeah i guess i will check out this again this weekend. do you use the usual android studio or vs code for this?
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    @devjesus I use vs code, it seems more lightweight
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