What's a fun habit you do as a developer?

When I'm introduced to a new codebase I like to string search curse words and slurs. Bonus points when I get more than 10 hits or at least 1 slur.

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    I once found a lot of cuss words on the console and couldn't guess why it was all.printed in one go. Wondered why the dev would go all out on this

    Then realised that it was pulling them from a database to filter out customer chat lines before persisting and the dev was simply printing the entire list
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    @asgs there is a funny screen shot of someone searching these on git and hitting an xml word filter that becomes an absolute potty mouth the further you scroll. But obviously I mean words that don't belong, not lists specifically for filtering said words
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    I like to name variables for what they do and reference some obscure pop culture things simultaneously in the hopes that some day, someone looks at the code, gets the reference and chuckles.
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