My wife's phone started having power button issues. Then it broke completely with spastic random presses, causing the phone to boot loop. It's a 3 year old Nexus 5 so I was mostly concerned with backing things up, not rescuing it.

Cleaning didn't work, tapping the switch didn't work. This hack worked.

Backup complete.

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    I had the same problem a while ago. I ended up sending the phone to google for repair and got a new one. A few months later the same thing happened, so I had to open the phone, cut away the power button and solder a new one in. It seems to hold up pretty well for now
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    Enable double tap to turn on the screen. 😁
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    @ocab19 Happen to me too, had to replace the button.
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    They should put fingerprint sensors on the power button. You aint the user no powering on then you have to "hotwire" the thing.
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    If I can find a switch I might rescue this one for science. I ended up putting a known good mainboard from an old Nexus 5 in her case. The other Nexus had a broken LCD and failing battery so between the two I made a working phone.
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    @Neotelos I use a flip cover with the magnetic screen activation. I've rarely had to press the power button on my phone. To prolong the inevitable on her "new" phone, I gave my wife that flip case.

    Now I'm going to enable some of those alternate screen activation fixes lest I have to use the hotwire-hack on mine.
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    Reading this rant on a nexus 5 is the most painful thing ever
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    @n1had You're telling me... I love these phones and haven't had much luck finding anything that I'd consider a direct replacement.

    I'm thankful that my father has been exceptionally hard on them as he's given me plenty of parts to pull from to keep them running.
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    @T3hbeowulf I had a Nexus 5, very good phone. Then I got a 5x, not so good.... Then I bought a one plus 3t. I love it...Is fast, battery is amazing, the community is awesome. The updates are very good. The camera is good, better than 5 worse than 5x. The price is very good for what you get.
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