Mozilla, can you release your stupid UI updates once they're actually out of beta? The UI seems fine I guess, I don't care.

But why the fuck is the browser freezing up at least twice a day now? And why the fuck does it then restart with 1-2 fewer tabs but an additional tab that I had open half a week ago?

Maybe next time don't fire a quarter of your employees and then pay out the gain to your shitty CEO. If I wanted crashing browsers by shady companies there would be enough competition.

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    Firefox has been on an explosive decline in a lot of things, for me the breaking point was heavily dropped frames in YouTube videos on Linux because no real vaapi support, once I noticed how much better chromium handles it I switched, further they don't have other issues Firefox has, like the cut off addons popup if the add-on button is in the overflow menu, infinite scroll bug on some add-on popups, ..

    The things just keep drilling more and more, with no fix in sight, you basically keep coping with them until your neck breaks finally and I've been a Firefox user ever since they redid their engine to be as fast as chrome, had better devtools,.. (chrome recently added flexbox tools after all these years lol)
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