Company organised a meeting with everyone for me to explain (again) why I'm leaving.
Basically participated to a meeting to say that I'm out of their company

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    Sounds like they were trying to guilt trip you to stay
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    That is a pure asshole move.
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    Are those necessary tho ?
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    @ostream still better than working on the projects that made me left, it was also very fun
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    @Lyniven The fuck are you ranting about then?
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    Is probably to keep other people from panicking and making it clear they're not firing you.

    There are people that have been traumatized before, being let go because of new staff reduction policies and stuff like that.

    And given that Covid is just recent history, and the massive firings that came with it, it is probably a good idea to just help your coworkers be cool about it.

    Be a good lad and make other people understand that they're safe.
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