Small update on my "small" Discord bot:
Feels good. It now covers the operating costs.

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    Now *that's* a number. Which bot is it? I'd love to read a longer post on how you've scaled it that high.
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    @synemeup It's not really a complex bot. It's used for searching for anime art.

    Scaling it was quite easy. All I really had to do to change a few things to keep memory usage down and manageable. It currently eats 10GB of RAM while running.

    The more interesting part is the image CDN I custom-made for it. The owner of an art website contacted me because my bot was making so many requests and eating bandwith as a consequence.

    So I made my own tagged image CDN.

    I may go into more detail of how the whole thing works in a proper blog post.

    Cloudflare stats for the CDN (24 hours):
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    Pretty impressive. Good work!
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