After years of working on projects where you git clone, npm install, npm start, I get catapulted into this PHP nightmare built on Symfony, and that has zero documentation or tests...

I hate Mondays.

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    Well, why not make the most of the situation and teach those responsible of the project how to use those techniques? If you have the time/rights/will to do so ofc. That would be a win-win for everyone imho. Good day to you!
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    @gummy I don't think they're willing to invest the time (cost). So it's just "hack something into it to make it work, ok?" :p
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    @curlmudgeon That might be worth a quick talk. Maybe it's the time to invest a little to look into a cleaner and more stable architecture that'll pay off in the future. Though again, I do not know the specs of it all ofc. But yeah, the famous "hack it till it works", I know it too :D
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