Maybe someone can help me with this...

I have been doing design for three years and coding for two years now, and recently, two months back I have developed an interest in electronics.

I have a real hard time trying to figure out which dev field to pursue! It seems like I just fall into anything that intrigues me!!

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    Curiosity killed the cat. Good thing you are not a cat!

    Seriously though if computer interest you it is good to explore many field. You will be able to select which you prefer and also maybe combine one or two.
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    IoT for your main and design for the money on the side. Be cautious: I don't know how widespread the IoT is right now, but in the future..
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    Robotics! Build a robot :D
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    @popcorn Oh well another robot uprising is coming...
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    IoT is exactly what caught my attention first, but then I drifted off trying to figure how the electronics work at the minimal level!
    Will definitely consider this! @nikola1402
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    @popcorn I could do that!!!! B-)
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    @ahmednr123 if you are that much interested in electronics, get yourself some DIY sets at electronics store :) I've studied a bit of electronics and have built myself a guitar distortion. There is a lot of fun little projects that you can do, and eventually you can combine that knowledge with IoT. Knowing how things work on different levels will only make you better at what you do.
    Meaning you won't be only a programmer for IoT, but an engineer/innovator too :)
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