Dear diary,

Today I sold my soul... I hacked my way around a bug instead of refactoring. It was a moment of weakness... I... I was not given enough time....

I am sorry...

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    // Hello new maintainer, fuck you.
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    Now, you've done what has been done to you before. It's the selfish circle of life.
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    Knowing you hacked it is they key. Think of the poor souls whose first/best/last solution was the same - and they didn't acknowledge the hack.....
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    Oh boi.
    When I run into bugs that need a hack-arround I usually end up with reflection. Things get dirty from there
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    I feel you bro, but that's just lying to yourself.
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    Well after 2 weeks I got some space so I went back and fixed it.

    Soul restored!
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    TODO's are probably the most evil tool at hand. We all know we don't touch it when the program has been tested and is up and running.
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