What do you do when you're stuck at a piece of code ?
When you've tried every possible solution you can think of.
When you've been through all the options/discussion over the Internet regarding the thing and haven't found any solution.
And specially when you're working alone.
Is it happening to me only? Or anyone else have faced this too.

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    I'll try to do something else for a while. I have an Arturia Microbrute analog synth in my office for exactly that. I just play with the sounds and usually just when I'm about to come up with an actual melody, the code block opens.

    Or then just fail videos from Youtube. Just some reminders that it could be worse.
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    Just sleep and you know the answer when you wake up.
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    Do something, anything, else for a short while, youll be amazed at how the trees clear and you can see the wood again
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    @Traser ...usually in the middle of the night 😜
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    Yup, do something else. I often switch to a different project, or work on some art. If all else fails, pooping or showering usually works for people xD.
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    @genesaika yup. Thoughts are so powerful when doing sports or having shower from my experience. It just comes to our mind. Because us humans are awesome.
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    Thank you guys..from all the interesting options..I like the pooping one. Sure it solves problems.
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