18000 duplicate lines that were manually copy pasted by the previous programmer.

I replaced them with a for loop.

I don’t think it was that hard…

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    Oh shit
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    I have heard that replacing for loops with repeated commands is sometimes more efficient, but I don't think that was the reason here, especially for 18000 iterations.
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    "18000 duplicated lines that were manually copy pasted by a monkey"

    Here, I fixed your typo.
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    @theabbie some compilers already make this optimization for you
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    @theabbie the technique is "loop unwinding"
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    @iiii yup, and its been pretty useless for the last 20+ years, atleast in compiled languages as any sane compiler does it for you when it is beneficial. (i.e whenever unwinding won't cause you to flood the l1 cache)
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    @ItsNotMyFault depends, I guess. Compilers are smart indeed, but still not totally smarter. Depends on a compiler of course
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    Now now, I think that person is a great candidate for Yandere Simulator development.
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    @theabbie That depends on the language, and if the loop only goes once or twice or how many times the compiler/interpreter need to see before unwinding the loop.
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    @theabbie this kind of optimizations isn’t done by the compiler?
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    It's 2021... the guy obviously identifies as a compiler.
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    @theabbie I wouldn't do it by hand in most cases though, the compiler can often figure out when it's a good idea to do it
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