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I hate tabs to space, yep i hate it, nobody could ever give me a good reason to use spaces over tabs
(yes i want to have differend tab sizes on differend Plattforms/environments, my buddys all use 4 or even 6 as tab size, i only use 2. With tabs can everbody got his/her own size without reformating the whole code and driving diff crazy @all lines changed!!!111onehundredeleven)

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    But what about YAML?

    PS: Yes, I'm on "space" team :D
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    Im using tab but converting it to spaces.
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    Good reasons?

    .- Readability across whole team. And obviously when sharing with different teams.
    - Independence from editors and editor settings.
    - Compliance to corporate quality standards
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    @Plinn but you mean tabs right?

    After the fact that the file gets uneditable w/ spaces, did anyone give filesize a thought?
    Tabs vs spaces - 1 byte vs 2/3/4 bytes.:b
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    Tabs are messy. IDEs always have an option to convert tabs into spaces. If you're in my team, good luck!
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    @webpoga WTH, which IDE are you using? The only "IDE" i know which handles spaces well is dreamweaver. All the others fuck up really good with em.
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    @Plinn these are the good reasons for tabs, yes. Im ment good reasons for spaces :P
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    @Jilano if YAML (a really bad Thing) is your only argument... Than you dont have an argument.
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    @daintycode God no! I mean spaces!
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    Its like raping the spacebar: you should feel bad about it.
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    @dev0 just a note, almost no one really pressed the spacebar X times just to use spaces. People use the TAB key, but they set their editor to convert it to spaces i.e. one TAB = 4 ' ' chars. Stop spreading misleading info :)
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    @KeyWeeUsr why the not just tabs? You do a workaround to make spaces behave like tabs.
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    @Salmakis no, I make the code identical for all editors while using the keyboard effectively, not the other way around. :)

    Arguments about space usage and "you can set your own tab width" I just ignore.
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