How in the world can Visual Studio be so painfully slow, HOW

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    It does a lot and it's Microsoft. What can I say.
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    If you remove all its extension which loads during startup, you can feel somewhat light
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    If you're working on a particular language, just use the IDE that particular language provides, And VS Code for general text editor stuff.
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    @Eklavya I already did and it surely improved the startup time, but it' slow and clunky even while typing, opening files, reloading projects, etc.
    I guess there are no better options for big C# solutions
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    @theabbie yes! I use VS only for C# files. Sometimes i accidentally open a XML or XSD file in VS and it's an unpleasant experience
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    @ScriptCoded oh the "it's microsoft" thing... Have you ever tried android studio, xcode, netbeans... And yes VS does a lot more
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    @dontbeevil Yeah, perhaps being Microsoft isn't the reason it's as bad as the others. But Microsoft stills makes slow and shitty shit :p
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    @rEaL-jAsEs Having all the features i could ever want is different from not being slow.
    I haven't tried Android Studio or any other major IDE in the last 4 years, but this is not the point. If they are slower than VS, well, sucks for people who use them :D
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    Well, it does a lot like people said.
    For me :
    Project 1 : webforms, knockout, typescript, MVC API + MVC sub-project + Data base project + Depploy settings + Azure integration + Analytics integration. All in one. I don’;t even jknow if ANY other IDE can show me the number of failed requests in production directly in the code near API method. +Resharper
    Start time : around 30 seconds, Start debug around 90 seconds
    Project 2 : Blazor, connects to the APIs of the first project. Resharper ON. Start time : 10 seconds, start debug : 5 seconds. (And hot reload enabled via command line)

    It really depends on the project, but personally : Yes it’s slow, BUT it’s fatser than switching 10 diferent tools while coding
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    The only "problem" I find in VS is a bit slow to open and load big solutions, but it's an operation that I do once per day... What are few seconds more (a coffee) compared to hours of productivity saved thank to all its features!
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