+1 if you are interested in Augmented Reality technologies, have some presentations and assignments made and you are writing your Master thesis for Augmented Reality only to find yourself working for a company that wants from you to update somehow a project with 5 years old code written from some secret antisocial society that hates readability and you as a developer and a human being and wants from you to somehow understand why they call C# method only to return a string that contains all the html tags but no data and then insert the data in JavaScript splitting the same string.

Come on, give me a break! I m still trying, though I still haven't found where exactly the program learns the data to insert or it just knows (no questions asked)...

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    I'm not expecting you to get many ++ if that's your criteria!!
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    @CrankyOldDev is not about the ++, I just wanted to share that! :'(

    I don't know what criteria you mention, the only I try to set is that I always try to understand but I get cold feet when I see the world's chaos.

    Calling a c# method to get the html for a .net view as a string and then splitting the string to set the data is not the way. I think we all agree to that..
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    Sorry. You were talking about the start of the rant. "+1 if you..."

    Yeah. It's just an expression. Don't take it seriously. You don't have to ++ even if you feel my feels. Really. Don't. I just wanted to share. :)
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    Don't tell me to ++, I'll - -
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    @pkats Sorry, I didn't realise you were feeling so strongly. Yes, I meant the list at the start. They way you wrote it seemed like you were saying "Only +1 if you're a person who meets all these criteria" and I was suggesting not many people would. Kind of a joke (but maybe a bad one).
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    No need to ++, really.

    The feels were just this strong.
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