Alright so here goes, I currently work at a promising startup. Absolutely love it; nice, hard-working colleagues but there's only a couple of us so we all have to wear a multitude of hats.

I don't mind being on support duty or helping out a customer with a technical question but one thing that really gets to me is lazy people.

We have some instructional videos (made in-house by yours truly) around certain functionality in our app which can't be simplified any further and they're condensed to about 50 seconds each.

I receive an email from a customer saying that he wants the instructions in screenshot form instead of watching the video because he 'detests' watching videos.

I must admit, I was a little hurt because he dismissed my videos so easily without even watching them. Just because he really doesn't like to watch videos? I was dumbfounded.

Me putting (most of) my rustled jimmies aside, I take about an hour to screenshot and document each step of the instructions and send them to the customer with a note: Be careful, if you scroll too fast it turns into a video.

I receive a response saying he doesn't like to watch videos because he is deaf but he did admit he had a chuckle.

Morale of the story lads, keep the sass in in your IDE's and out of your customer interactions.

True story.

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    Fucking hell, you got lucky there.

    If they're paying you money, just keep them happy.
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    You could have ended up in PR hell 👌
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    Maybe by adding subtitles might help you in the future
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    Build your own https://readthedocs.org/ instance to publish documentation to your customers. Thank me later ;-)
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    To bed honest though, i often rather have documentation with pictures instead of a video. Tutorial videos are often riddled with shit i do not care for. And skipping through the video is a lot slower then quickscrolling past the parts i know or do not care for.

    Deaf guy had a point!
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    Thanks for the feedback on the video material guys. The videos been replaced with textual documentation supplied with screenshots.

    I love how in a start-up there's no layers of administration you have to jump through hoops and fill out forms for to get shit done.

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    Haha at least he had a sense of humor!
    I had to do something similar, but for how to open an outlook calendar for one of my users. She calls me and STILL has questions.
    Anyway, the doc is now made and can be distributed.
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