Manager asked if I want to reconsider my resignation while reiterating that they cannot match the other company's offer.

Idk what the hell makes them think they can bargain without anything to bargain with in the first place.

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    He should have said “we are family”
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    They just gave a shot
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    @asgs for the sake of it.
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    You should reconsider.. abusing them more in your mind! Fucking imbeciles!
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    @Cyanide i am often verbally abusing them when I'm on mute. Lol
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    You're already burnt out, noodle.
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    I would understand that they can't match the other company's pay, but if they didn't offer training or other such benefits that are ultimately beneficial for them as well then they probably just don't care.
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    You found another job and resigned pretty quickly.

    Just a week or two ago, we read your rant on you were starting to hunt a job.

    Impressive. Congratulations 🎊
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    "Hold on....
    <silent for a minute>
    still no."
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    @JustThat wanted to say something in line with that.

    Ok I've reconsidered. <walk out>.

    Usually when it gets to the point of bringing some other offer it's too late. You strongarm them or you have smelled the greener pastures. Neither are good for the relation.
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    Congratulations!!! Hope you have fun at the new job. Best of luck.
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    You: I wanna work somewhere else?
    > We want you here, but we won't pay the same price

    You: I want double the amount of what they are offering me from you
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    — they offered $15/hour more than you. Now convince me to stay, you have 60 seconds, go
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    @aviophile the mafia approves
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