So this just happened. I was in a meeting showing the demo to the client ( biggest client of the company ). He was there with his wife ( head of finance ) all dressed up. We were around 5 people in the room looking at the projector with the product. I usually have my messenger closed and laptop on silent before going in a meeting but ... Well.. i forgot.

Half way through the presentation, a wild dropdown in the middle of the screen appears. Notification from facebook messenger from my gf with the message " I'm horny af ”. That's all, nothing else. I entered chrome full screen the next second but the damage has been done already. Oh, the judgement in their eyes ...

We shall never speak about it . Ever, i said to my colleague.

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    This guy has a gf and she is horny and he complains....

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    Really though, it's not going to cause any damage to your professional life, you could say it's personal and shrug off as an oversight.
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    @cst1992 just say "damn web notification. Where was I? Yes the plan is..."
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    If I was the client I'd give you a high-5 and insist you go home early.
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    @kunashe That's the important part. You are NOT his client.
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    @thedev i am not complaining , i am ranting :D
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    @Unskipp 😀😀😀. And I love your rant
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    'Sorry guys, something urgent came up that I have to go take care of' *grabs laptop, runs home*
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