I've been writing Java the last few days. Really makes me remember why I enjoy writing objective c / swift so much. It's not necessarily the crazy syntax of objective c. It's the conventions behind the languages. It's very easy to make your code read like prose. Which when you become used to this it's very hard to jump back into spaghetti code with abbreviated variable names and such.

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    When I discovered Objecive-C I fell in love. I've not explored Swift yet, how is it to pick up compared to Obj-C in your opinion?
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    @LeonardChallis well the thing is the but to learn is the syntax because the apple APIs are mainly the same with slight variations in the method signatures ( although this will change come swift 3.0 ) it's nice .. It's a pet language though I personally wouldn't ship a major clients in it. Maybe after swift 3.0 when it stabilizes and calms down a bit
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    @iosdev13 interesting. From a distance it seems quite a bit more complicated. Certainly should take the time to enjoy learning the basic syntax and take it from there. I love how it's open source and they seem to be taking the community suggestions very seriously.
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