I cant keep this inside anymore I have to rant!

I have a colleague that is an horrendous loose bug-cannon. Every peer-review is like a fight for the products life.

Now I understand - everyone makes bugs me included and it is a huge relief when someone finds them during peer-review. But these aren't the simple kind of bugs. The ones easily made when writing large pieces of code quickly. Typing = instead of == or a misshandling of a terminating character causing weird behaviour. These kinds of bugs rarely pass by a peer-review or are quickly found when a bug report is recieved from testers.

No the bugs my colleague makes are the bugs that completly destroy the logic flow of a whole module. The things that worst case cause crashes. Or are complete disasters trying to figure out what causes them if they are discovered first when the product reaches production!

Ironically he is amazing a peer reviewing other peoples code.

But do you know what the worst thing of all is! Most of the bugs he causes are because he has to "tidy up" and "refactor" every piece of code he touches. The actual bugfix might be a one liner but in the same commit he can still manage to conjure up 3 new bugs. He's like a bug wizard!
*frustrated Aruughhhh noises*

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    ahhhhh, enjoy....... rare people are rare to come by.

    I get kicked out a team for some random outburst on how the team doesnt know how to use github. someone calls me at 3am(they didn't seem to figure out different timezones) that the commit history is fucked, anyways I kept a fork of the last stable version of their work, they want that fork. I'm like........ ok, deletes the forked repo and goes back to sleep, I wake up to 10 voice messages going from angry and frustrated to pleading
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    @ilechuks73 Haha yes that tend to happen when people commit garbage! Wait so did you just delete your local fork and pretended you never had it?
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    @G4nin0 just the github fork, I had already cloned it
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    @G4nin0 welcome to devRant. You're off to a good start.

    But could you, please, also add appropriate punctuation where required? #PeerReview
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    @shine No proper punctuation is obviously the work of non frustrated people. Have you never seen a facebook comment section? ;)
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    @G4nin0 I haven't been on Facebook for at least 6 years. But I've seen how it looks. I don't think I know what you're referring to though.
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    @G4nin0 By the way, the punctuation part was kind of semi-sarcasm; if you didn't get it.
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    @shine Yes Im aware you were joking. think you yourself missed I was joking back. I just tried to joke away my grammar misstake with that grammar is always bad when you are angry. Which is what like 90% of people on facebook or any similar social network site is in the comments.
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    @G4nin0 I agree with you. I didn't consider it a joke because it is true. But I'm a grammar freak, so ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
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