1 "Even though we divide our developers in cells (actual word used), our company's hierarchy is very horizontal."

2 "Sometimes we have to stay until later to get the job done"

3 "Covid has taught us that we shouldn't think of life and work as two separate things. They're one and the same"

4 "You can rack up points in the company to cash in for things like headphones!"

5 "We use this house as an office for our meetings. It's a big house."
1. That tells me you have no structure
2. Probably because you have no structure and you can't plan things out right.
3. you havin' a laugh? I'm all for not being a dick and socializing with colleagues every now and then but my free time is my own.
4. I'd rather you gave me more money.
5. Offices are a bit of a scam, but if you actually use a house as an office for a company that is supposed to have a presence in 3 different countries it makes me question how good you're doing at the moment.

I think I'm gonna pass if they don't ghost me.

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    Life and work are absolutely separate and COVID has taught me that my productivity absolutely tanks without that separation.
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    @EmberQuill ahh it seems you’re not suffering from the whole “do I work from home or live at work” problem. Good on ya.
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    @atrabilious took the words right out of my mouth. I only have one desk and no home office. I sit at the same desk to work that sit at for gaming. It's horrible. Add on the ADHD and I'm utterly useless while working remotely. Can't wait until my office reopens in a month or two.
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    2 happens ...

    But everything else is a sign to EJECT!!!
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    Ugh,fuck that
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    @molaram Dunno, probably a hipster way of saying "team". It makes me think of 'terrorist cells' however.
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    @molaram What organizational names are above that I wonder? if squads-> tribe, cells-> tissue?
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    @molaram I guess a team, a squad and a cell are basically synonymous in this context. Though a team would be a more colloquial term, and using anything else seems like being "hip"
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    @nitnip terrorist cells having meetings in a rented house, while pretending it's a "workplace" ...gotcha
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    Wouldn’t touch that place with a barge pole. They sound like they’re useless, can’t plan for shit and you’ll never not be working whether it’s developing until later into the night or getting called.
    Work and life are definitely separate and covid people that work has to start coming second where possible
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