Theres one manager in my company which is not very technical but wants to be able to restart services so we use windows server (!) for everything.

Id rather make a whole application for restarting services (as if there probably aren't enough) just so you don't have to remember the commands if that means we can use linux for the servers

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    Jenkins is still one of the best answers to this.

    You can manage both windows and linux services using Jenkins. You can costumize the environment that each account sees too. And on top of that it supports plugins, so you can probably adapt even to very strange cases, we even use it for docker deployment

    Adding a restart function is really simple.
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    So why does this not very technical manager need (want) to restart services anyway?
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    @Hazarth .. except that Jenkins is not keen on the file locking windows apparently does. Believe me I tried. Excluding folders from indexing, giving system rights to it's services..

    Was a couple of years ago, but cannot imagine a fundamental issue like this has been solved.
    And in WSL it's not perfect either I imagine, with all the port forwarding..
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    @sbiewald agreed there. If you need to restart services, something is probably broken
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