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    Start up my windows gaming machine, the internet adapter is not recognized... sigh.

    2 years with my macbook pro for work, 0 issues. Literally "it just works".

    And no thanks, I already went through that teenager phase of my life where I'd shout "omg I use linux I'm so special" and then browse through 5 forums to solve a stupid issue from any tool by "just build it from source, follow these 12 steps and apt-get these other 20 dev libs"

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    Apt-get nahhh
    Here at DevRant we build it ourselves ;)
    I've had to give up on many a distro, because I couldn't find any adapter drivers
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    Other way around for me, went to install linux on my dev machine, no wifi drivers for it. Works in windows
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    Wow, rarely have I read something as smug as this last paragraph, it's like you *want* to be unlikable
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    @willol you're just mad because it's 100% true 😂 Linux users are such POS sometimes thinking they're God for using Linux. Woopdy do, you're using something different than me. Look how many shits I give :p
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    @ScribeOfGoD you're currently exactly being a POS for using something different than I do... And clearly giving a shit
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    @willol I don't actually give any. Just pointing out a fact, and thank you for proving it.
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    Anyone who ascribes to this whole "one system better than t'other" needs to get over themselves. We're not children, we all know that preference is subjective. I happen to like Windows prior to Metro.

    Grow up.
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