Hello, I am new on devrant.

Trying to finally land a job after studying for so long. I must say that for a lot of interviews their questions are quite unpleasant and after interview itself I often feel like an idiot. Guess it's not my thing to communicate that much.

If there are any other devs shy/with an introvert personality: How did you overcome stress and later initial uncertainty in new job?

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    I would say, concentrate on your tech stack and be confident about what you have. Everything will be fine, good luck!
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    Im not very shy in conversations but for my job interview my (now boss) asked me about 3 separate technologies/protocols and how well I knew them. I answered every question with an honest "I've heard about it and that's about it" but emphazised that I'm more than willing to learn. Learning more is one the main driving force for me (and should be one of the main for anyone in software) and as long as you feel that way you should always bring that up. I think he appreciated my honesty and I got the job in the end. Just dont parade your flaws but do not lie about what you know. Then again how to act in an interview is culturally bound so I can't really say. I've for example heard horror stories from Indian field colleagues about how they had to behave on the Indian jobmarket so in the end I would get someone from your country to help you with how to navigate an interview.
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    What landed me my job was definitely a combination of things, but what helped me in the interview was researching datastructures, making sure that I could say something about them and situational use, it's also great to have made a project that you are really passionate about and to be able to share you're excitement about it and the challenges you had to overcome.

    Think about what you would like to learn, not just what you can do now and express that to the interviewer.
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    I'm extremely introvert, and meetings - even just telephone calls - drain me enormously.

    Managed to work my way to senior developer at an SMB so its totally doable for someone like yourself.

    Not sure what the culture is like where you are but I was just honest about my shortcomings and apparently the rest of what I had to offer was considered a worthy trade off.
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    It usually helps me when the interviewer is good enough to ask the appropriate questions just so I open up. Don't hesitate to prolong the answer time, don't fill it with garbage and search the bits of knowledge you may have forgotten on the net.

    Also, recently I've got to know I often act as INFP, and this thread helps me in hard time.
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