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I have arrived at a conclusion, rather two.

- I am a misfit who generally does not belong anywhere. Not that Steve Jobs Hipster type where you'd think I am a misfit genius. I am rather a misfit ignorant loser, at least for wide majority of things. I also have some ego issues of being included, hence I often turn out to be an asshole if things don't go according to me.

- People in general will hate you for no reason. And hate you more for your success. They'd be happy at your misery and pain. If you are running, walking, or even crawling towards success based on your hard-work, they will be jealous. Only time you are valued is when they need anything or can extract benefits out of you. Once you are drained, no one looks back because for them nothing more is left that could be exploited.

As long as you are providing, you'll be included.

This has significantly affected my self worth. I have allowed people to take advantage of me at the cost of my self respect and time.

These people are narcissist takers.

But there is a very very small group of people in my life, many of them I haven't even met and/or less frequently interacted, who are givers.

During my time with them, all they have done is kept giving me. Even when I asked them to stop or tried to resonate their kindness, they refused and kept giving me more. Most wonderful and best people in my life. I never failed to acknowledge their worth and valued them more than they deserved.

As of now, life is a mess.

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    @atrabilious sorry deleted previous post.
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    Only toxic people will hate you for succeeding. Start building yourself a better environment. Also don't you tell yourself that you're worthless. If there's a voice withing you that tells you that, challenge it and find out where it comes from.
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    @Floydimus eh, I’m sticking with my point of: how do you know you’re the misfit instead of all of *them*. 😝

    I’m not much for pop music but this seems appropriate… https://youtu.be/cYeFSbKOTOg
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    I feel being the same misfit, though I'm not in any social circle so no hate towards me
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    While it's true that there are many people who hate you for no reason, it's alsp true that there are many people who will cheer you for no reason, and if you only expect assholes, you will miss all the kind ones. Don't ostracize yourself and let yourself be alone. Because many people do that.
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    @iiii see. he'll give you some sweet loving man :P he's always on hand whenever you need to hear that life is pointless.
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    *spanks @iii with a birch switch* bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad bad !
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    @galileopy I agree and this is the mission I am on. Surround myself with smart and good people.

    @atrabilious lol because I have been excluded since childhood from every group activity.
    I'll check out that link. Thanks.

    @iiii do you actively put efforts to gel in?

    @SoldierOfCode yes bro. As you know, I am trying to build my social circle of amazing people around the world and have friends like you that I am proud of.
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    @Floydimus so being a misfit doesn’t matter unless you’re lonely or crave “normal” social interaction.

    I do not..I was born for covid isolation. You mean..no one can see me through a mask… and the whole point is to hide in my house where all the coffee, games and anime are? *squee*

    I have to admit that after 18 months of nonstop work I’m looking forward to getting out of the country, I still like to look at pretty things, but it’s not for the social aspect.
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    @atrabilious fair point.

    Which country do you belong to and where are you planning to travel?
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    @Floydimus I’m in the US and I will probably go to Australia to visit my mom, who lives there. Not 100% on that yet, we’re not close but I figure I should see her once more before she shuffles off this mortal coil.

    I’ve always wanted to go to Eastern Europe, but I haven’t figured out where yet and ozzies are so much nicer than here it’s always a welcome change.
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    @Floydimus do you have suggestions on good places to visit? If you had 3 weeks and unlimited funds, where would you go?

    At work, I’m all decisions all day, I get “home” and I can’t figure out what to eat, so taking recommendations.
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    @atrabilious lol you brutal with meeting mom.

    Eastern Europe. Aha!! Nice pick. Have you heard about Bald and Bankrupt? If not then you are in for a big treat.

    To answer your question, I do have some awesome suggestions based on my backpack solo that I did. Mumbai > Istanbul > London > Cairo.

    Though am an Anglophile, I loved my first and last destination more. Istanbul is fucking lit. The history, the culture, food, and the people. 10/10 on my next itinerary. Pretty cheap too.

    And pyramds. I refuse to believe that they are human made structure. The vibe was on another level.

    Both destinations covered during a layover. Wish I could spend more time there. Those two would be my recommendation.
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    @Floydimus yeah I have always wanted to go to Egypt. In a former life I wanted to be Indiana Jones and my first major at university was anthropology/archeology. To be honest, I have never gone because I think it would be less awesome with no one to whisper to “isn’t this amazing?”

    After staying in London for 3 months and New Zealand for 2, I still prefer the Ozzies…they’re nicer. I can listen to them talk all.day.long. Also, as a red-haired, tattooed, grumpy chick I don’t stick out as much there roaming around alone.
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    @atrabilious hahahahaha isn't that awesome. Totally relatable. Worth a visit even if you are alone.

    Question for you, what's Ozzies. Is that some kind of Ozzy Osbourne reference?

    I'd love to and am actively trying to relocate to London.
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    @Floydimus Ozzie/aussie/Australians
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    @atrabilious @jase I hereby will refer you nigga as Ozzie. Lmao
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    @Floydimus i wasn't expecting that account to be active. lol

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    @rEaL-jAsE multiple personality
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    @Floydimus no. I don't care much
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