I often read rants, and I can see how everyone gives for granted that we have to overwork, work until night, work on weekend, work when the boss asks us, read the email, work until you fixed that bug, and so on. I mean, I don't see anyone ranting about this, I just see that this became the background of other rants, something that's so normal and we are so accustomed that we don't even consider it a problem anymore. I was wondering, is it just me that gives value to his own free time? That would rather read a book, watch tv or stay with friends? Or at least being able to tell a friend "we'll meet for dinner" without the fear of a problem blocking you at your job. Why should I be paid less than average in my country and work more, making the benefits still less concrete? I think I have a good brain and I chose this career because I love it, but if I could born again I'd be a doctor or a teacher

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    It's the "accepted" culture in some places (India, USA, Malaysia etc) and organizations for various reasons ranging from an excess of people to shoddy work laws (or enforcement thereof). If you're in that system and you want to succeed, there's not much you can do about it (apart from getting out). Most folks don't have a choice.

    Also, some people just enjoy working. That's their thing.

    But in general I don't think anyone would turn down leisure time, it's usually a question of whether you can afford to or not. If your goals and your environment make it difficult to have a good work life balance then you're stuck till you're in a position to change one of them.
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    Because doctors and teachers don’t also work all the time? Or their jobs are just more fun while working all the time.

    It was becoming the culture over the last ten years anyway, then COVID hit and everyone was a captive workforce, you live at work. Zero separation and constant “on”; we have been desensitized. However, as bad as it is, it’s still better than the prospect of going back into the office with shitty traffic and noisy offices.

    I’m open to hearing solutions, but you’re talking about people in a profession who barely speak in meetings…how you gonna organize that?
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    Well, with a little discipline and having something to do while you're not working. It's enough to get people to respect your leisure time.

    If boss calls and you're, at the gym, dining out, in a family gathering, or doing whatever you can do. Usually saying, I'm not near a laptop now, I can get to it in about 5hrs,(1 day if they happen to call on weekends),They would probably find someone that's available and with enough interruptions to your routine they'll get the idea that you're only available during office hours.

    And most people won't usually fire you for having something to do when you're not working.
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