Boss told me he couldn't raise my salary, since according to him, I was already overpaid. Months later they suddenly outsource some positions, including mine. I got 6 months with payment as a parachute. But I also got a new job that pays $15 000 more each year...!

It's nice to have double salary for 6 months...


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    That's awesome news man, God bless you!
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    Damn right!
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    That's what I call progression!
    May the source be with you.

    Spend your money wise, Whiskey is better than vodka or rum.
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    Can you tell me your position and salary?
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    Senior Technical Consultant,
    salary $95 000 with bonus

    Senior Business Consultant,
    salary $110 000 without bonus
    (+ $8000)
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    Now you could hire some indian and ukrainian programmers to sell software to buisnesses.
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    @criger and am a senior software developer and server administrator on $28,000 salary in Fiji.
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    Let's just say that the living cost I way higher here where I live. But I know that in e.g San Francisco this is a "normal" salary for someone working in the valley.

    $28000 is low elsewhere in the world, but might perhaps be on the upper part of salary ranks in Fiji? (just guessing here...)
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    You don't turn rich by spending money... :)
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