Today I learnt something, I wish I learnt this earlier (I'm 25 now , it is late?).

What I learnt:

1. Never out -shined your superior, as it naturally stir up all sorts of resentments , envy, insecurities and possibilities of getting you replace by someone level intelligent. Because superior feel threatened.

2. Never try to fake what you don't know, and real to what you know. (As I saw someone faking themselves as someone who they are not, they eventually manifested tonnes of shit to themselves.)

So is what I learnt is actually make sense and valid? or just an opinion?

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    Actually imho this is not late to learn those two things. I was about the same age when I learned that as well and i definitely agree. Especially the second point. You should and always glance by your knowledge of things related to your job. If you pretend to know you will fail.. that is a simple rule
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    Not late to learn those things. I'll go a step further. Only share with others what is absolutely necessary to get the job done. The less you talk about your competencies and capabilities, the better (Except when you're looking for job).
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    If you’re only 25 I’d say you’ve learnt this very young. Well done you!
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    I wish I knew that at 25!!!
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