Why Uber Engineering Switched from Postgres to MySQL

So should I stop learning Postgres? I only know MySQL as my RDBMS.

I just bought Stephen Grider's uDemy course about postgre lol

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    PostgteSQL is good and open source.
    MySQL is less good and proprietary.

    If you want MySQL, better go for MariaDB.
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    Dont abandon a technology just because some big company decided to stop using it. It proved inefficient for their scaling requirements. Chances are unless you are Uber you may never run into those issues. We have a ton of postgres databases in Amazon RDS for various applications and it works great.
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    Both databases are fine. One company switching says nothing.

    Also they did their own thing ontop of MySQL. So they did switch to make their own stuff ontop of MySQL. Not because even just they found it better (or they wouldn't need to improve it).
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