Is it me or some libraries are actually more complicated and take more time to master than the layer they're based on? Why should I use something like ng-flex (to do flex in angular LOL) or react-hook-form? It just adds a layer of complexity for what gain exactly?

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    currently suffering from material ui, it's like learning a whole new framework
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    Supposedly the frameworks are unit tested and might have figured out some things for you. But, yeah, I get you; some times we don't need X library to do Y when just doing A is quite simple and well documented... Oh well. For example; I feel like my time learning TypeOrm is wasted.
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    This in particular inside of the world of JS is a major pain point and something to gives glimpses of what JS fatigue really is. The amount of frameworks and libraries being created almost daily is staggering.

    I can see the benefit of certain things. But in particular for React or anything javascript, the less dependencies(yeah right) the better.

    Love React, Angular and Vue, I have a soft spot for React since is what I know the most, but still, I'll rather just fuck myself writing my own components than using some library from some dude online.
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    @AleCx04 yeah lol I'm trying to do something as simple as a required checkbox using react hook form and it's not possibe, I have to add yet another validation library. LOL
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