I did it! My Senior Project is done! Seven months of my life have been spent leading up to the completion of my game engine and it's finally over. It is awful and should never actually be used by anyone, but it's done and that's all that matters.

And as my final middle finger to my school's administration, somebody has to grade a binder comprised of nearly 200 pages. That's what they get for not listening to me when I told them that it was a huge project and adding more to it. Dear administration, f*** you for making my life more stressful than it needed to be.

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    Why a binder? For a coding project? Wtf?
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    @DeveloperACE because my school's administration has no clue about how anything works... ever
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    What kind of game is your project?
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    @SirUneke Well, it's a game engine so there really isn't a kind of game for it. It's extremely broad in the types of games it can be used to make
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    @saxman343 what does it consist of? I am curious.. does it render 3d? Does it have physics? AI algorithms? What language did you use? Did you follow any architecture paradigm?
    7 months is pretty fast for a working game engine, even I'm it is simple and does not have the game content itself yet, but damn...
    What kind of game do you think could be made with your engine?
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    @stimulate My school wanted it to be broad in scope so it's about as broad as possible; any genre could be made. Seeing as it was only a high school level project, I settled for 2D so I wouldn't drive myself absolutely crazy with the little time I had to work with. And the administration only knows that Java is the highest level course that my school offers so they had me do it in Java which was pretty disgusting. For further detail, I used LWJGL for just about everything. The engine itself basically just gets the user up and running. The users have to do things like AI themselves, but I did include inventory management for them because I got bored over a weekend.
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    @sambid I'm afraid I'm not quite sure what you're talking about, sorry
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