Am I the asshole?.
AITA for having a grin, when comes demo time and my stuff works flawlessly and every other monkey coder that I work with has his/her stuff pointed out as flawed for going all fast and furious?

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    Kinda, yeah.

    It's team effort, not a competition... if parts of the product are flawed, the entire product is flawed, which means it reflects on you too.

    No one else really knows or cares who wrote which part of the code...
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    Yes, and for this reason, I'm out.
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    @Hazarth see we were being funny
    You Just captain high roaded again
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    @killames He's right, though. The piece I'm in charge of on my project has never failed in a demo while others have, and it's on me to help them as a team member. If the demo fails, it doesn't matter if your piece worked, people get upset, and it's the whole team to blame.
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    @Puddinglord not saying he’s not partly right
    People do need sometimes to be held individually accountable
    Actually very frequently people who seem all high road need to be held accountable for grievous sins were coming to get them for
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    @killames that wasn't the highroad. That was a sound and dry analysis of the situation. Im somewhat autistic, this is what I do. I find It's better to give something constructive with my answers so the reader understands where Im comming from. If I just say "yes" then you have to ask "why" for the conversation to continue.

    This is the type of shit I hate with some colleagues, where they ask "hey, can I ask a question" instead of asking the question! Why add extra steps, right? So that's why I usually dump my thoughts outloud together with my opinions and questions.
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    Yeah and enjoy it. Flaunt that shit like a peacock. Not your fault if they work like that
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