Why would you send me an email that "the opening is not longer available" when you're going to list the job again 3 more times in the same month??

At least be honest! i'm a big boy, i can handle it.

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    You clearly could not handle it 😅
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    @aviophile it's not about the response, it's about the insincerity

    Even more frustrating is that after they require to manually fill a bunch of fields on their website (besides the CV) which can take up to 15-20 minutes, they can't even give a decesive automatic response
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    @aviophile Tbh, what i cant handle is ghosting

    I guess i just like to have some resolution. Guess it's too much of a luxury to hope for in most cases
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    I hate the same tbh. Headhunter are giant red warning sihn.
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    🎵 Lie-la-lie
    🎵 Lie-la-lie
    🎶 Lie-la-lie lie lie lie lie
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