People with Ps/Ai skills......

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    My team has no idea I'm a graphic and experience designer and have years of experience developing UIUX.

    They always dismiss my input but they always end up doing what I told them needed to be done, but they come up with it on their own (not to mention waste a few weeks).

    It's really hilarious when I tell them their "idea" is the same one I shared weeks before. They deny it. I show my wireframes and notes on function and experience. Followed by them doing everything they can to make it different and the feature becomes completely useless.

    Its not all bad, I get a great sense of satisfaction when their terrible ideas blow up in their faces even though I have warned them multiple times.

    Some real winners were: let's replicate the passwords into a plaintext database, we want to connect into the API with a single global admin token for every client request, I want to retrieve 500,000 records from the API every time a user visits this page how can we make it faster.
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