Xamarin vs Flutter

I already know c# but I’m thinking it’s better to learn Dart + Flutter than carry on with Xamarin (only ever worked on the back end parts of Xamarin so not familiar with the layout syntax and the ui side of it).

Xamarin seems to be so clunky (to be fair more the dev environment than the end result), even on a powerful machine it’s a pig to work on.

Our project uses Xamarin forms, without any extra MVVM framework such as Prism and it just seems a bit shit from what front end code I’ve seen (could be the devs).

So given that I’m not sure that holding out for MAUI and expecting it to be a silver bullet is a good idea.

Is the UI code for Flutter any cleaner?
Is the dev environment more reliable?

Or is another option better, such as ReactNative or Ionic ?
(Particularly if one of those would let you develop an iOS version without access to a Mac)

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    I just read Xamarin vs flutter and you should stick with xamarin.

    You dear ionic lover.
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    Check if the flutter iOS bugs are fixed instead of closed without fix. All frameworks don't seem to be too hot in one way or another.
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