Dev manager: Can you fix this issue?

Me: Yeah, but i cant reproduce it using the explanation given in the ticket. Can i get a step by step guide and a confirmation that the issue is reproducible.

Dev manager: you're the lead dev, you figure it out.

Do you want me to spend an hour not developing things trying to guess? because that is how you make me spend an hour not developing things

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    And it was never looked at again.
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    Was once told a client was only seeing a blank screen. I asked for more information. They sent me a screenshot...of a blank screen.
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    I don't get it. Do these people just looking at the codebase you can find out what code is relevant, and then just look at it and instantly magically realize how it should be fixed? Like... How do you think that bug appeared in the first place? If Devs can instantly tell what's wrong, how do they even write wrong code?
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    Devs' preferred way to deal with non-reproducible problems: ignoring them.

    For example, bugs related to timing or race conditions are hardly ever reproducible, that's in their nature. You fix that by reviewing the architecture and the code.

    Maybe it would help if the monthly pay were also reduced randomly, sometimes. Then finance to dev: we can't reproduce your problem, case closed.
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    So you have chance to spend n amount of hours "reproduction" while really you could do something useful instead serving your idiot manager. Poor you, how can you handle such situation?
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    agree with @Avimelekh - just take 2 days goofing around doing whatever while claiming "you're trying to figure it out as you were asked" and then close the ticket as "unable to reproduce"
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    I feel you…

    Colleague: the banner does not work as intended on mobile.

    Me: ??? Can you provide info? Which banner, which phone, what is the intended behaviour?

    Colleague: it just misbehaves on mobile!
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