Making an app for Android and iOS, for a football club in league.
Android, naturally is no problem.
"Your app or its metadata appears to contain misleading content.
Specifically, your app includes content that resembles one or multiple third-party sports teams and/or leagues."
....yes....because it's an app for a football club in a league.
What else can I do about that? Can I have more specifics?

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    Are you building team and league logos into the app? Try loading them at runtime, add a local caching mechanic. It will bypass the automated checks and let you move on rather than have you spend some 28 weeks discussing with dev support.
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    @molaram we don't mention the league name anywhere, but there is a "fixtures" page which pulls in json data from our own server with team names and a 30x30 logo of each team. Naturally we have the rights to use the name and logo of the team we are building the app for. Referencing the other teams by name shouldn't be a copyright issue because we are merely stating that our team is playing them. So it must be the other teams logos right? Although I'm starting to think Apple need confirmation that we, as the development company of the football team in question, have the right to use the fooball team name and logo?

    I just wish Apple would provide a human-explanation to the exact issue. I understand that they are trying to avoid legal problems, but their response just isn't specific enough.

    I do love how Android, in contrast, doesn't give a s**t :D
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    Isn’t that one of the selling points of ionic?
    Because the app is written as JavaScript and HTML it bypasses Apple verifying it?

    I don’t know for sure just something I think I heard once.
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    Wrong tag bro.
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    Well iOS being ios
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    @TrevorTheRat it still needs to go through the same channel.
    I get it though, it's no bad thing that they are quite strict. But they won't say specifically what section is causing the problems.
    Like - a screenshot with a big red arrow pointing to the issue would be nice.
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