Fuck. I'm drunk and need to wake up early to finish the project. Fuck.

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    I'm drunk, and sitting on the patio listening to the birds in the trees, and smelling the food on the grill, and thinking, yeah, I don't have to get up in the morning. After 25+ years in IT, things do get better. Mojitos rock!
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    @iAmNaN holy shit dude I need to finish a 30 hours project tomorrow​. Fuck my life.
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    Obviously, drink plenty of water.

    AND, eating a bunch of asparagus, peppermint, ginger, and bananas will help you.

    OR, since you really don't give a shit about the project. Just rest, sleep, and recover, let your body recover, put your mind at ease.

    OR, go quantum! Realize you are not actually drunk, you don't actually have a project, and that you are in fact the professor, and yes; you have a cat.

    ELSE, have another beer. Misery loves company and is a great book.
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    @unjx lol best is the " quantum " thingy
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