Today I went to a computer store to buy laptop with my friend. When we were waiting for the store technicians to check the laptop for my friend, we found out that nearly all technicians (about 4, 5) of the computer store don't know how to enter BIOS setup for the laptop :/ How the fuck they become the store technicians if they don't fucking know how to access BIOS setup of a laptop? (one of them even suggested to use a screwdriver (wtf?) to access the BIOS the new laptop o.O)
Don't know what will they do with my friend's new laptop if I didn't tell them how to enter BIOS
(It's a Lenovo laptop, the combination to enter BIOS is fn+f2 and the store we bought the laptop is a large store in our city)

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    I bet they always suggest buyers to buy as much BIOS they can afford to future proof their setup 😜
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    You : So open the bios.
    Him : Yes sir, the Trackpad is working fine.
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    Spam delete button on the begining screen
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