True shit.

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    ... why use an array then?
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    .. or zero
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    Yes you do. A length of 1 is two elements: 0,1. So you'd have to sort it
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    No? Length and indexing are different things.
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    @sSam not in some languages. A 0-indexed array with 2 elements will have a length of 1.
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    @Player2 could you give an example? Not that I don't believe you, I'm just interested.
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    @sSam perhaps it's changed now, but iirc the older implementations of the .net languages (vb, c#, etc) did.
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    @Player2 pretty sure that's not true. Length has always returned the number of elements
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    @Player2 nah, length has always been actual number of elements, even in VB6 (which was indeed 1-indexed, unless you used the options base command, or used VB6 in version of visual studio after they released .NET).


    The following declaration reserves 21 elements for the array Weight:
    Dim Weight(20) As Single
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    @STRINIX @bguiz I stand corrected. Interesting.

    Thank you
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    @Player2 from memory, I would say that vb based langages like realbasic (now xojo) had UBound properties that have the highest index in the array
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    Because it's already sorted 😉
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