🎶 She takes my money
When I’m in need
She’s a trifling
Friend indeed
She’s a gold digger
Thats digs on me 🎶

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    But do you dig her holes with your Dee?
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    Hehe I do I do hehe
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    @iiii you know I’m really miserable too
    Mainly because this was all new once
    And I feel like I’m being slowly murdered
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    @iiii and garbage which is also being slowly murdered grins at and gets off on that idea
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    @killames I'm just feeling hopeless and unable to change anything to better, even if logically I can.
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    @iiii I don’t think anyone is alive anymore
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    @iiii that’s kind of the way things have been going in general
    It’s mostly happening because people are playing along with the system that keeps that happening thinking they’re winning some victory

    In reality they’re dragging everyone in with them
    Evidenced by the fact that I said this before
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    @iiii hard to be patient when the only that is dependable anymore is monstrous mistreatment and loss and life inertia
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    @killames yes, I am dead inside. And partially outside as well.
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    Gold digger problems? Before she digs your gold, make sure you dig her hole
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