One thing that’s a shocker and frankly very weird for people who have always used Android, is that iPhone doesn’t show any progress notif for anything whatsoever. Like dude.. I want things to happen in background and see progress in notif bar. But no, not in iPhone. You either wait for things to finish in foreground or do it explicitly inside the relevant app.

For example, when you want to send a big video on WhatsApp via Photos, you have to wait on the Photos screen until it’s sent otherwise it fucking fails. Like dude.. wtf?! Why can’t that happen in background?

On top of this, things that can happen in background have so limited processing power to themselves (because iPhone doesn’t like things happening in background; we have already established that though) that they just crawl until done and sometimes fail.

Another thing is that there are no fucking loading indicators. You touch something and then the guessing games starts whether you touched it correctly or not. Like dude.. I know your phone got a superfast processor but sometimes things take time to happen. You gotta give some kind of indication that things are happening ffs!

I know security and all, but dude you gotta give me something! Don’t make me suffer for little things.

Dude.. fuck you!

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    Just waiting on the librem 5 to get shorter queue now...

    Can't wait to get out of these shit ecosystems.
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    Apple have monopoly for background tasks, especially scanning your photos and messages.
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    Holy shit people whine a lot
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    @LLAMS It’s dev-fucking-RANT Sir!
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    One of the multiple reasons I like linux
    Because inlike windows it shows detailed really helpful installing progresses in your terminal
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    @darkwind The rant’s about iOS but I got your point 👍
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