Why does a "senior" developer have a git repo for a critical application that makes our company money, never push to it? I checked it today and it's empty.

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    If they're like one of my coworkers who does something similar, their head must be too far up their ass to read the commit message.
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    My guess: he wanted to use git but didn't got along with it. After a while he gave up and used Dropbox or svn as CVS. There's probably another repo somewhere else
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    Either he doesn't know what he's doing or he wants (wrongful) job security.

    Either way he should be confronted. Imagine what would happen to the company if he:
    A) dies
    B) quits
    C) his hard drive destroyed beyond repair (assuming he never pushed to anywhere, not even a personal remote repo)
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    @develrant this guy knows what's up.
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