Hi fellow ranters,
Its been awhile since I last was here posting stuff..

So, I've commited to my effords getting shit done in golang. And I met a lot of painpoints, and I mean...

Anyway, most of them are solvable by changing mindset or having some macros set up for no-one-fucking-wanted bloody boilerplate code that is omnipresent fucking EVERYWHERE.. **cough**
Steering back on what I want to rant about.

We with our team have one major problem with golang. There is no standard for docs in code...
Like, Fing legit. Everyone uses notation for closest to theirs heart language, so you get inconsistent-as-fuck notations for parameters / function descriptions.

We have functions that look like
//doSth does something
and also
// doSth
// @Summary does sth
// @Description does something but in more words
// @Param
and so on and so on

And trust me Im getting mild example.

Why this language does not have A F...ING (well defined, using proper definitions) STANDARD YET?

bonus context: We decided that too much of our code is undocumented and we go through efford of documenting it, but everyone sees it differently, and we can't agree on one single standard... So we decided to not refuse PRs due standard, as well, nobody would ever had PR accepted

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    Penises and tits on the desk.

    Who got the longest declares the standard.
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    I doubt team would agree
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    @DubbaThony ... But it is a way to show that the situation is ridiculous and if not everyone is helping resolve it, you're only stuck with the shit you have.

    Which is exactly the reason why I sometimes make such dark comments.

    People need to be reminded that this *IS* ridiculous, as it is in a nutshell a penis competition: my standard is better than you (probably just because I'm used to it).
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