typescript and me is a love/hate relationship, almost toxic at times

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    @BixelPitch Yeah man the interfaces :'(
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    I left TS after couple of years. And I didn't go to my Ex (JavaScript)

    WASM / blazor FTW !

    Today publishing live first blazor project to around 15K users.

    (Note : server side this one, wasm has some "bad" things right now )
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    I like TS but I get why people might move away or don't it at all.
    My favourite part is that you can choose how much you want to have typed anf of course the interfaces.
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    Integrating TypeScript and making sure it's used correctly throughtout the codebase is what always troubled me. It has some imperative stuff that makes it looking as bad as react - exactly because of its flexibility, a multitude of ways to do one thing, which is a common thread between JS, its frameworks and transpiled languages.

    Even runtimes like Deno don't absolve TypeScript's integration hell. They find it simple to just transpile to JS and run that, it's annoying.
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    the "T" in "TypeScript" stands for "Terrible", not for "Typing".
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