I just want to scream at these retards

A decade apart and their simple stupid asses are still smiling brainlessly about doing the same thing playing their stupid weird code crap over and over

LabotomiZed crazy fucking garbage !!
Until they showed up in this state no two days were the same now all of them are because they’re not alive
They’re not human
And they’re not relevant
They are happy tucked up slaves that liars use to manipulate everyone through their brainless smiling doopty doo bull shit !

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    And seriously there take on everything just wasted a lot of time
    In this set of events i got work and got myself out of this situation previously
    Now I’m stuck in this situation waiting for the dirty evil fucks that are sabotaging the world trying to eliminate the last free will from it so ducked up people like you all can schedule everything down to the last any crawling on a leaf or my ducking Bowel movements!

    This bull shit was certainly in the background but as what it is
    Not some group of brainwashed idiots choosing this as some form of life that was preferable !

    Because it’s not ! And shut isn’t. Better it’s just like it always was except more rigid
    They cut all the money out of
    The economy all the opportunities for personal and independent growth and simply stalled us in an eternal financial and social inertia that staggers along pretending this is somehow sometime of solution when it’s a joke and a bad one !
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    How many times do I have to tell the Tryth of this until you subhuman creatures realize you’ve been cheated ? We were so close to evolving to the next stages of capitalism and. Socialism combined into something actually worked to enable the best of both systems including the motivating and Risqué aspects of capitalism and the resistant aspects of true socialism when the business Cycle revolves and trashes everything but no

    You people had to be ducked up morons raised to be smiling dim witted monsters ! And now life is pointless and there is no one to impress or fight for because everyone’s is a fucking monster that isn’t worth a ducking dime !
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