In your free time, do you find freelance projects / side hustled to earn money or learn new work related skills?

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    In your free time..... 😢

    When I have the energy to actually do
    something on the side, it's usually just messing around with new tools / languages etc. I know I'll need in the future.
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    I do both; but freelancing is mostly if I need money to buy myself something or traveling
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    Salary job is miserable enough…
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    My salary is crap, but for my country it is not.
    And I learn skills in free time.

    Because... it looks more sure way to get next job better.
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    I do side projects for fun and/or charity (if I fancy doing anything tech related at all.)

    If I fancied more money, then I'd grind job applications to get a better paid job, or just go as a contractor. I like the work life balance where I am atm though, so I'm not screwing that up by voluntarily taking on more work for more cash in my free time.
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    I do learn things but they not always have something todo with my job. For me it's more like a nice side effect if hobby coding/learning something match work the things I do at work.
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    I don't find freelance projects, they find me.
    But yeah, I code in my free time. Latest project: Learning Kotlin.
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    I try to work on side projects but honestly, a lot of the time I don't even want to see a computer
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