Ok, I need to vent a little bit about myself. Just got back from my 2 weeks vacations. Met with everyone, caught up on everything that has happened, booted my lap top and tried to ssh into the servers to see log files if anything out of the ordinary has happened.

Well, I was having "Permission denied (publickey)." . Well fuck. Tried on other servers and same thing.

I got panicked, thinking how the fuck did we get hacked? The ssh key is only on my laptop, and an encrypted backup exists only in Bitwarden account. If yes, why are the systems intact and working well? Kept scratching my head for hours. Well, I was trying to log in with user "root" instead of "admin". I always mistake these two names. Rusty brain ._.

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    I really recommend reading up on SSH config.

    Not only can it prevent breaking fingers l, it's a great documentation, especially if you have to manage a fuckton of servers.
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    I know how that feels. After being "stale" for a while, met a girl, we hit it off, got drunk, went to her place, got naked. Was trying to get thru the front door or at least I thought was the front door.
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