Why leave an extraordinary company that treats you well, trust in you, helps you grow and have feeded you and your family for long time for some more rupees that another unknown company offers?
As long as you are well payed, of course, why ruin what is good just for being greedy? Remember that the greener grass of your neighbour is usually an illusion

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    Because the company didn't "feed you" or your family. You exchanged services for wages. You don't owe them any more than that and likely you could have a lot more to learn somewhere else that would help you grow in your career.
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    Because most items on that list were likely not true and you know it
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    Sometimes people just fancy a change, and there's nothing wrong with that. I was in a company like this, and moved simply because I wanted to work on something different. Why's that such a bad thing?
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    Or instead, be greedy with respect to what makes you proud and gives you fulfillment. Don't pick a job based on how well you get paid, but on how much impact you can have on society, sustainability, health, nature, etc...
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